Nashville Wine Storage is pleased to be the first licensed wine storage facility in the state of Tennessee. Our State of The Art cooling and climate control system keeps the facility at optimal temperature and humidity for proper long term storage of fine wines.

Nashville Wine Storage Amenities

  • State-of-the-art Alarm System
  • Climate Controlled
  • Constant 56 degrees
  • 60-70% humidity 
  • Carts Available for your convenience
  • Elevator 
  • Conveniently Located in Downtown 
  • Key Fob Entry System
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Back-up Generator 
  • Authentic Conference Room
  • Wine Specialist at Your Request


About the owner

Brad Morley

We are so excited to announce the grand opening of Tennessee’s first licensed wine storage facility, Nashville Wine Storage. Our founder and CEO, Brad Morley, has been operating in the food and wine industry for more than 30 years. He began his career as the Founder and Manager of Fratelli's of New York, a successful Wine Spectator award-winning restaurant, before selling it to focus 100% of his time and energy on his number one passion – wine. 

He currently runs & operates two successful companies, Brad Morley Selections & Cana Wine Company, but he did not stop there. His eye for detail paired with his passion for wine later led to the creation of Nashville Wine Storage. Our State-of-the-Art cooling and climate control system keeps the facility at an optimal temperature of 56 degrees and 60-70% humidity for proper long-term storage of fine wines. Our convenient location in the heart of downtown Nashville includes a personal key fob entry system & 24-hour video surveillance. We also offer a personalized service which includes a wine specialist at your request. Along with these amenities, Brad wanted Nashville Wine Storage to paint an unforgettable mark on Nashville. So, we recently partnered with the talented artist, Thomas Arvid, to create The Exclusive Gallery at Nashville Wine Storage. 

Arvid is a contemporary oil painter whose specialty is all things wine. While Thomas’s photorealistic paintings are extraordinary, they are more than just artwork. His precise strokes showcase wine as more than a product itself, but as the element of culture and memories made. Thomas’s love for wine goes hand and hand with Brad’s. They share the appreciation of fine wines, but more importantly, the memories that follow sharing a bottle. Now, our walls are lined with his beautiful, wine artwork for our customers to purchase and enjoy. Here at Nashville Wine Storage, wine is not just a product, it is an experience and we would love to share that experience with you. It’s wine o’clock, grab your lock!