Need extra cases for your wine?

Our official Nashville Wine Storage boxes are the perfect solution to maximize space in the case lockers we offer. These are great if you have some loose bottles that need an extra layer of protection, or if you have several cases of wine but your current cases are all different shapes and sizes and don't stack or fit evenly. Our boxes are designed with our lockers in mind, and are a great solution for organizing your locker and maximizing the space available. And if you move out or need to move wine around, the boxes are yours to keep!

If you need boxes, call us at (629) 800-5130 or ask us at your next visit and we'll get them to you!

12-Pack Layflat Boxes

Our 12-Pack Layflat Box is our standard, and most popular, wine box. Each box includes 2 inserts that allow you to neatly and securely pack 12 750ml bottles into two rows of six, and allow you to store bottles horizontally, instead of most common wine cases, which are built vertically. Our inserts are designed to keep bottles stationary and organized during both storage and transit, and are the combination of these with our heavy-duty cases make the perfect storage solution for your collection.

Dimensions: 12.5" W x 20" L x 7.5" H
Price: $10

6-Pack Layflat Boxes

Our 6-Pack Layflat Box is a great option for people that want to take advantage of the benefits of the 12-Pack box, but need less space in the box. Our 6-Packs feature an insert that keeps the wine stationary to help prevent the bottles from moving around during transit and to keep them in line to help with organization. Our 6-packs are great on their own, or as a supplement for the 12-Packs to keep things organized without having to deal with as much empty space in one of the bigger boxes.

Dimensions: 12.76" W x 20" L x 4" H
Price: $10

6-Pack Magnum Boxes

Our 6-Pack Magnum Box is a great option that allows you to keep your larger-format bottles protected and organized within case storage. Since our Layflat boxes are meant for standard 750ml bottles, we wanted to ensure that larger bottles have a way to stay safe as well. This is your best bet to keep the bigger bottles in your collection just as safe as the rest of them.

Dimensions: 9" W x 13.25" L x 17" H
Price $10